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Happy Thanksgiving and EGG BOWL OPEN THREAD

Hotty Toddy Gosh Almighty Let's Gorge Ourselves and Beat Somebody

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports


Ole Miss Rebels vs. Mississippi State Bulldogs
Better known as the Egg Bowl
Less well known as probably the most underrated rivalry in all of college football
Slightly more well known as "We Drive Tractors and They Sue People"
6:45 PM Central
Davis Wade Stadium
Starkville, Mississippi

In addition to our traditional checking in process (who you are, where you're contributing from, and what it is that you're drinking), let us know what is is you're eating or have eaten today. Bonus points for any of y'all who contribute a picture. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @RedCupRebellion and tweet your Thanksgiving goodies our way.