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Red Cup Radio Celebrates Thanksgiving!

Eat! Watch football! Listen to us talk?

Hotty Toddy and Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. Listen to Juco, Whiskey Wednesday, and yours truly spend about 45 minutes recapping the weekend that was, discussing the difficulties of playing football in Starkville, and highlighting what is is that we're eating on this fine day of giving thanks. I'm not exactly sure why anybody would want to spend their Thanksgiving with us invading their aural canals but, alas, many of you will make such a choice. We thank you for this, and appreciate your long-standing dedication to bloggers talking into microphones.

Click the link below to listen, or download the Rebel Sports Radio app for your Apple or Android device which allows you to listen to our show (and any of the much, much better shows on the station) on demand. Or, you can visit Rebel Sports Radio dot com as well.