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Rebel Roundup - November 26, 2013

Some Ole Miss Rebel news and notes for your Thanksgiving week.

Stacy Revere

Missouri 24, Ole Miss 10: Two Post-Game Thoughts | Rock M Nation
Here's a Mizzou perspective on Saturday's loss from our Tiger counterparts at SB Nation's Rock M Nation. They conclude exactly what we conclude, that Ole Miss fought hard, but was simply outplayed and outmanned.

Ole Miss puts focus on Egg Bowl | The Clarion-Ledger
This is the real test of a head football coach. Can he motivate his team to play with intensity, passion, and focus against a five-win Mississippi State team on the road in Starkville less than one week after falling short against a top-10 Mizzou team at home? The Bulldogs will be fighting for both pride and a bowl berth, similar to the way our Rebs played them last year. If we are able to match their intensity, then we should be able to win. If not, then we're limping out of the season with a 7-5 record.

Derrick Millinghaus, Demarco Cox lead Ole Miss past Mississippi Valley State, 111-82 |
The Rebels broke the 100 point barrier for first time in the post-Chris Warren Ole Miss basketball "era," but it was against Mississip' Valley, so I'm not sure how noteworthy that is.

Chris Offutt Writes About William Faulkner's Hometown and Ole Miss | Town & Country Magazine
What's that? Someone else wrote favorably about Oxford in a national publication? I want to think we'll grow tired of this, but I'm not sure if we can. We're stupid prideful when it comes to Oxford, and anything that reinforces that pride is fine by me.

Have You Seen My Cowbell? (a children's tale) | NAFOOM
Normally I wouldn't link a message board in the link dump, but this #STATEHATE is just too good. Poor Jimmy has lost his cowbell, and you'll never guess where it wound up. (Okay, you probably did make the correct guess, which means you're gross.)

And, Finally, the Screaming Marine says his Goodbyes to the Ole Miss Community
He's off to Parris Island to continue serving the United States Marine Corps. Godspeed, you wild Ole Miss football loving man you.