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Red Tent Rebellion is Live for Mizzou

Come holla at us in the Grove this Saturday.

Scott Halleran

Red Tent Rebellion! Get excited!

Rule 1: You don't have to bring anything! We will have plenty of booze and food! Come along and drink/eat with us! If you do feel like bringing something, though, we won't stop you. Just know that this is on the least pretentious side of the spectrum as far as grove tents go. With so many of us convening from parts way out yonder, there's no need for significant preparation outside of showing up.

Rule 2: This isn't your home tent. It's not even our home tent. Of course we will talk and visit with you, but this isn't anybody's squatting grounds. We too will be all over campus tomorrow so if you swing by and don't see us, that's why. Come, say hello, sit and drink for a spell, but don't make it awkward.

Rule 3: Don't be that guy/girl at a party. We are here as a part of the Ole Miss community to have fun. We're also here to put faces to usernames and keep our interactions civil and celebratory. We aren't here to talk politics/religion/Colonel Reb vs. Black Bear/etc. We even welcome Mizzou fans! Don't let the HATE THREAD overflow into the tent atmosphere! We are the Hospitality State after all.

Rule 4: Don't get lost. Here's the general area where we'll be. There will be a sign, and Ghost has an ugly mustache. You'll see us.


Come and find us somewhere within the red oval! That's on the blue lane between the Walk of Champions and the Ventress sidewalk. We should be there by noon. Be on the look out for crudely written RED TENT REBELLION poster board. Hotty Toddy and beat Mizzou.