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Red Cup Rebellion's Guide to Oxford, for the Discerning Mizzou Fan

What to eat, drink, see and do in the loveliest college town in the Southeastern Conference.

The Lafayette County Couthouse, via Wikimedia Commons
The Lafayette County Couthouse, via Wikimedia Commons

The No. 9 ranked Missouri Tigers travel to Oxford, Mississippi this weekend to take on the No. 24 ranked Ole Miss Rebels, and good for them and their fans. They'll get to experience college football in one of the SEC's most historic and charming college towns, and actually as members of the conference this time!

A lot has changed in Oxford (admittedly, a lot hasn't either) since they last came into town during the mid-2000's, and it's up to us to make sure they're up to speed on what there is to see, do, eat and drink in and about Lafayette County. But, instead of doing this the way we've done gazillions of times already, with yours truly rambling on about what I feel are the best places to eat and drink, I'm going to crowd source it. In the comments section, you share with the rest of us and our weekend guests what it is that you would recommend someone do in Oxford if they've only got, oh, 48 hours or so to take it all in.

Here, let me kick things off.

Big Bad Breakfast - I'm sure a lot of folks are going to talk about the best breakfast establishment in town (if not the entire state... or the universe. It's totally plausible.), and with good reason. The menu is creative but not pretentious, the food is fresh and made from scratch, the portions are generous but not comical, and the price is always right. The cathead biscuit sandwich with fried chicken is a personal favorite of mine, but you can't go wrong with anything that includes the house-cured bacon. And, if you show up and there's a wait for a table, just walk into Snackbar next door to get a few bloody maries and some oysters as appetizers. They'll be sure to let you know when your table next door is ready.

So, y'all got it? Great. Y'all show some hospitality to the show-me-staters.