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SEC Power Poll Ballot after Twelve Weeks

Alabama's still got the top spot, but they did look vulnerable this weekend.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports
Here's my take on the SEC after twelve weeks of football. Once the final poll is up at Team Speed Kills, I'll drop y'all a link.

  1. Alabama - They didn't look unbeatable against Mississippi State, but they have made it this far in the SEC West while staying unbeaten and deserve the top spot.
  2. Missouri - Missouri has a chance to become a major player in the SEC East moving forward. The division is down, and Maty Mauk looks like a capable successor to James Franklin.
  3. Auburn - Struggling against a Georgia team that isn't very good didn't do them any favors in the rankings, but it's tough to argue with their record considering who they've played.
  4. South Carolina - The Gamecocks are hoping Missouri loses this weekend. That makes two of us.
  5. Texas A&M - I have my doubts that A&M will be able to maintain the level of play to which they've become accustomed when Manziel leaves, but it's probably really fun for them right now.
  6. Old Piss - Ole Miss has the best offense in the SEC this ye- ok I can't even write that. It was a good showing against a 5-5 (and bad) Troy team though.
  7. LSU - More like LSPOO! RIGHT? RIght? .... ok. This LSU team just isn't all that good. I'm saddened by the ramifications of that statement after Ole Miss' season-defining win over them though.
  8. Georgia - I hate it for Aaron Murray. This isn't how it was supposed to play out.
  9. Vanderbilt - If Vanderbilt beats Tennessee and Wake Forest (both likely), they finish the season 8-4. Not bad for a buncha nerds, AMIRITE??? I'll see myself out.
  10. Florida - Florida as a whole is just pretty yucky. I know they've given a vote of confidence to Muschamp, but that's dumb.
  11. Tennessee - Their bowl eligibility hangs in the balance, having to beat both Vanderbilt and Kentucky. That's not as easy as it was five years ago (at least not against Vandy).
  12. Mississippi State - There are rumblings that Dak Prescott is out for the rest of the season. If that's the case, State could be in trouble against Arkansas and Ole Miss, missing bowl eligibility.
  13. Arkansas - Arkansas isn't good. They're not as awful as we thought though.
  14. Kentucky - Kentucky is forced to play football in the SEC. That's wacky.

Your thoughts?