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Red Cup Radio Reminds you How Bad Troy Football is

Our weekly "bloggers talking into microphones" experiment went well enough this time. Give it a listen.

Chris Graythen

Whiskey Wednesday, Juco All-American, and I spent nearly 40 minutes not talking about the Ole Miss vs. Troy game this week for our Red Cup Radio show on Rebel Sports Radio. Instead, we talked about the Arkansas game, the various bowl prospects, footraces against Jared Duke, Italian chicken dishes, and all the other assorted nonsense you probably expect us to discuss on a weekly basis.

And it's not as if we didn't discuss Troy at all. It's just that, when we did, it was always a "man, this team is really bad" type of discussion and not anything heavy on original thought or analysis. Hope y'all enjoy!

Click the link below to listen, or download the Rebel Sports Radio app for your Apple or Android device which allows you to listen to our show (and any of the much, much better shows on the station) on demand. Or, you can visit Rebel Sports Radio dot com as well.