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SEC Power Poll Ballot - Week 12

It's Alabama and then everybody else, to nobody's surprise.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Here's my attempt at the SEC from 1-14 for this week. I'll link the full results at Team Speed Kills when they're available. And please let us know where I went wrong in the comments thread.

  1. Alabama - I kept waiting for Alabama to show significant flaws this season. I'm not sure that's going to happen though.
  2. Auburn - The Iron Bowl should be a fantastic game and may determine who's number one on this list at the end of the year.
  3. Missouri - How did this Missouri team look so terrible last year? I can't specifically point to a major factor that changed.
  4. South Carolina - If South Carolina beats Clemson to finish the year at 10-2, will people finally start giving Connor Shaw his due?
  5. Texas A&M - The fact that Johnny Manziel isn't talked about as the favorite to win the Heisman is a travesty.
  6. Georgia - Should Aaron Murray have left Georgia early? Considering the differences in projected quarterback classes, I thin so.
  7. Ole Miss - Obviously if the Rebels could beat both Missouri and Mississippi State, they would move up a few spots on this list.
  8. LSU - Yeah. I'm not sure this LSU team is all that good. They have a lot of good pieces, but what have they really done this year? Lost to UGA, Ole Miss, and Bama. Their signature win is... Florida?
  9. Vanderbilt - There's a chance that Vanderbilt finishes the year at 8-4. I guess that would mean they're the team we thought they were before we thought they blew.
  10. Mississippi State - State has some good things going. Dak Prescott is a capable running quarterback. They just have a lot of bad players on roster... some in starting positions.
  11. Florida - Florida is yucky. I guess there comes a point when even the defense stops caring.
  12. Tennessee - Tennessee has to beat both Vandy and Kentucky for bowl eligibility. If they do, the first year has been a success. If not, they've squandered an opportunity.
  13. Arkansas - Arkansas is pretty good at running the football. When they have to get away from that, things get pretty bad.
  14. Kentucky - Kentucky is just really, really bad.