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Around the SEC East: Week 10

Here's a look at the upcoming action in the shitty half of the SEC.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

#10 Missouri:

Mizzou suffers their first loss of the season at the hands of the SEC’s elder frat star, Steve Spurrier. While Maty Mauk has done a decent job in relief of James Franklin, he certainly showed some freshman-like jitters in his second start. Many Ole Miss fans have the home date against Mizzou circled on their calendars. Winning that game could make the difference between a nice step forward and a breakthrough season for the Rebels. Mizzou has a physical Tennessee team this week, followed by Kentucky, then a bye before facing the Rebels and Aggies to wrap up the season.

#14 South Carolina:

Conner Shaw, winner of Whiskey Wednesday’s Theoretical SEC QB Fight-To-The-Death, has big, stony, fortuitous balls. MSU makes the trip to Williams-Brice stadium, and your guess is as good as mine what happens there. Two schizophrenic teams. Doesn’t really seem like it, but Sakerlina may be the most likely team to win the division; they have MSU and Florida, while Mizzou has 4 SEC games left, including Ole Miss and the Fightin’ Flag Dogs.


The World’s Largest Outdoor <beverage redacted> Party, y’all! This is going to be the most depressing Florida-Georgia game ever :(. Georgia and Florida are both coming off of bye weeks. Both are among the most injury-riddled teams in the country.


Look at the Georgia blurb.


Tennessee got stomped by Alabama. Welcome to the club. That said, they might make a bowl this year, you guys. And they’re recruiting well. I was really hoping UT would never be good again. Mizzou is up next for the Vols, and they might be reeling from last week. Failing that, the Vanderbilt/UT game will be one of the most important SEC pillowfights of the year.


Oh Vandy. Stop being better against us that against literally everyone else on your schedule. If you’ll pick yourselves up off the mat, you could beat Florida and then win out, to reach 8 wins. That’d be cool, I guess. It’s pretty crummy for them that people are acting like Franklin leaving is a forgone conclusion. I can’t stand him, but he’s their best coach ever.


Oh hey there little guy! Didn’t see you there...