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Ole Miss Football Locker Room Halloween Mischief

Our footballers can be little devils sometimes!

Shaun Botterill

There was some locker room mischief last night captured by Cale Luke and distributed on his Vine account. Look! Here's someone gettin' totally scared right here:

HAHA! Got you, Cody Prewitt! That's not actually a towel in that bin, but rather a zombie or something spooky! Oh man, you should have totally seen the look on your face. You were all like "omg wtf" haha man too funny. We're totally going to make fun of you for this for a couple of days.

It's great to see that Korvic Neat has found a way to make himself useful! Devante Kincade was just walking up to his locker like "oh this seems pretty ordinary and typical of my daily goings on in this locker room" and then BAM nope there's a demon thing in there oh man you were so spooked we SO got you man.

Hope y'all had a great Halloween out there (complete with fun-sized packs of Sour Patch Kids and those little Twix bars), and we also hope you all have a safe and fun bye weekend.