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Red Cup Reacts to the Auburn Game

We complain about stuff for 20 minutes. Give it a listen.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Monday's are the worst, especially when they come off of a deflating loss against an SEC West rival. Listen to Juco All-American and yours truly lament the loss, fuss at each other, act like grumpy old men, and try to feign excitement for this week's Texas A&M game in this edition of Red Cup Reacts! We (cannot at all) promise that you'll enjoy it!

Click the widget below to listen, or click here to listen on a mobile device. That link also allows you to download the show in an MP3 format, something which I cannot fathom any rational person having any use for. But, hey, the option's there.

If there's anything you ever want us to talk about in future iterations of Red Cup Reacts or Red Cup Radio, then please let us know via the usual channels. We welcome any and all suggestions, regardless of our intent to take them or not.