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SEC Power Poll Ballot - Where Things Get Really Confusing

I really hate ranking this conference sometimes.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Week by week, these rankings become harder and harder to drum up. There's a lot of parity in the Southeastern Conference this season. Or, at least, outside of the very top and very bottom, you've got a bevy of teams that could, on any given Saturday, conceivably lose to the others. It's fun for the sake of the game, but not so fun for the sake of coming up with a 1-14 ranking of the SEC. Here's my best attempt at it anyway, and we'll let you know when the full poll is up at Team Speed Kills.

  1. Alabama - It's starting to look like they might actually deserve to play for another national championship.
  2. Auburn -Unfortunately, Auburn looks to have been what we thought they were: a talented team with a horrid coach. Now they've solved that.
  3. Texas A&M - It's hard to rank the SEC, but I'll just say that losing to Alabama and Auburn isn't all that bad.
  4. South Carolina- And people said Connor Shaw wasn't important to this team.
  5. Missouri - Missouri put up a good fight, but South Carolina beating them has to sting. They need to hope it doesn't start a snowball effect.
  6. Florida - On Sunday, either Florida or Georgia will be 4-4. What a weird year for the SEC.
  7. Ole Miss - I mean... I guess Ole Miss is around seven? I... I hate having to rank these teams.
  8. LSU - LSU has shown significant vulnerability over the last two weeks. I once thought they could steal the top spot from Alabama. Now I wonder how many more they will lose. Two?
  9. Georgia - Aaron Murray is being asked to do it by himself every week. Sometimes that will work, but against good teams he needs help.
  10. Tennessee - The Volunteers are in the middle of a terrible stretch of schedule with seven out of eight opponents being ranked in the top 25. If they go bowling, it has been a very successful first season for Jones.
  11. Mississippi State - Congrats on stopping a potential game-winning drive by KENTUCKY.
  12. Vanderbilt - They have a shot at bowl-eligibility, but things have to go pretty well. It sure seems like James Franklin made a mistake in staying. Couldn't have happened to a guy I like less.
  13. Arkansas - Arkansas, this whole Bret Bielema thing just isn't going to work. I know it has only been one season, but it's time to cut bait.
  14. Kentucky - If Kentucky played Arkansas, I think the space-time continuum would be ruptured.
Here's what parity looks like in the SEC East:
Florida > Tennessee > South Carolina > Mizzou > Vanderbilt > Georgia... Even though Georgia beat South Carolina and would be favored over Florida and Tennessee.

And in the West:
Ole Miss > LSU > Auburn > Texas A&M > Ole Miss

What a great season of football it has been thus far, and we've still got a little over a month to go.