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@GroveGuests, Idaho fans react to Ole Miss Game Day

Scott Halleran

@GroveGuests is a new twitter account driven by visiting fan bases and neutral fans (bucket listers, bachelor parties, etc) and their thoughts on the Ole Miss game day experience. From the moment I arrive to the Grove, I spit my southern charm and approach random strangers wearing the opposing team colors in order to ask them for their opinions on Oxford, the Grove, the South, and their overall visit.

While this is a new experiment that I am pretty excited about, this particular weekend against a horrible football team from the other side of the country might have been a bad weekend to start. OR, one could say it was a GREAT weekend to test out the process and tweek it before our next game against Arkansas in two weeks. Just like Ole Miss parking division was able to work out the parking/traffic issues after the SEMO game before the A&M game! Oh, yea, now for the tweets!

The first Idaho fans I saw on my way into the Grove were gathered around the Walk of Champions. The accents y'all, they have them. Think Canada meets midwest and you've got an Idahoan accent that could help you pass as a regular attendee at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in downtown Boise.

This tweet came from two fellas who were the only Idahoans to take me up on my offer for some beer. Hopefully for them the cover at the Library was not at Texas weekend level absurdity.

As to be expected, most Idahoans flew into Memphis. I spoke for a spell with these guys about different styles of BBQ, how I've had them all in their respective areas, and how Memphis/southern style is still the best. They then tried to sell me on this new potato they are developing in a backwoods section of Idaho but luckily my wife called for a refill. Good luck with that new starch formula!

It's funny how the most retweeted/favorited tweet came from a lone Idahoan who was actually drinking like he belonged in the Grove. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Idohoans can hold their vodka, but maybe it's that Mormonism conservatism that discourages getting openly drunk in public. He also said that he always thought Idahoans were the nicest people in the country...that is until he came to MS. This was the last tweet I got before heading to the stadium. Now for after the game....

So this came from the drunkest Idaho fan of the day. Just outside the stadium there was a big group of Idaho fans contemplating their next move for the evening. This particular guy had heard all about how loud it was against LSU and expected the same kind of atmosphere.........welp, sorry broseph. The landsharks don't exactly get as fired up when they smell Vandal blood in the water. Hell I'm not even sure what Vandal blood would smell like. Probably has a hint of spray paint from the blister of some grafitti artist's thumb when he holds down the paint can button too long or something.

This from another fan within the big group. Apparently UPD apprehended their cooler and made them pour out every last beer can they had inside. I definitely would not put it past UPD to pull a super douchebag move like this on a sloshed-out-of-his-mind frat daddy wildly brandishing his Natty Lite tall boy in front of an officer, but visiting fans? Cut them some slack. How are they supposed to know of the back-asswards ways of our campus (liquor in the Grove but not beer, beer in Swayze but not liquor, wtf?).

My last encounter with an Idahoan came during the clean up stages of the Grove. Small world when an Idahoan taught Mark Dodson in inner city Memphis through Teach For America. Way to reach out to one of the football hubs of our university.

Stay classy Idahoans. Up next, Razorback fans ("Hey! Welcome to Oxford! Are you/Do you know GonzoHog? He's a cult celebrity I'm dying to meet."). Lord help me.