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Ole Miss Rebels vs. Idaho Vandals Statistical Preview

Idaho isn't good at football. This is something that's reflected in the statistics.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Homecoming week, y'all. This week the Rebels will play host to the Idaho Vandals, one of the few remaining Independents in college football. The Vandals are coached by a Paul "Bobby Petrino's Brother" Petrino. Paul coached with Bobby at Arkansas before taking the job at Idaho, which is a great move for someone who wants to, I dunno, get out of Arkansas and still ride motorcycles on rural winding mountain roads or something. (Paul is obviously guilty by association, here).

As evidenced by the numbers, the Vandals have struggled mightily this season coming into Oxford only 1-6 for the season, with the lone win coming against Temple in a 26-24 slugfest. Notable teams that Idaho has played this year are as follows: Wyoming in a 42-10 loss, Washington State in a 42-0 loss, Fresno State in a 61-14 loss, and Arkansas State in a 48-24 loss. So... yeah... they're not good.

The timing of this contest could not be better for Ole Miss.  The Rebels will most likely use this game to work on some basics and get some key reserves reps, as the depth chart has gone all wonky due to the injuries that have mounted over the last few weeks. It will be imperative for the Rebels to jump out early and get the starters some rest.

The Vandals have been bitten by the injury bug also, as they will be without the 1st and 2nd string QB's. Josh McCain is set to get the start at QB this week for the Vandals. The big playmaker for the Vandals appears to be Dezmon Epps as he leads the team in receiving. Once again, the Vandals are among the nations worst teams statistically in college football, but that does not mean that the Rebels should take them lightly as I am sure Hugh Freeze and the rest of the coaching staff is emphasizing this week. It will be interesting to see how the Rebels respond after finding themselves in an unfamiliar spot coming off of a big win and playing a team that they should beat soundly. Hopefully, we will see a more convincing outcome as compared to the SEMO game, but even if we don't, oh well. This is a "stay healthy and have fun" type of game as far as we're concerned.

As of earlier this week, Vegas had Ole Miss favored by 41. I wouldn't be surprised if the Rebs don't beat that spread, only because so many starters will sit much of the game.

The keys this week are:

  1. Start fast
  2. Get the starters out early and rest the injured
  3. See if the reserves can continue to play crisply and prepare to return to SEC action

Idaho Passing Leaders
Name Comp/Att Yards Int TDs Comp % Effeciency
Chad Chalich 113 of 184 1224 3 5 61.4 123
Taylor Davis 13 of 29 199 1 1 35.9 82.1
Josh McCain 7 of 14 136 2 1 50 126.6

Idaho Rushing Leaders
Name Attempts Yards TDs Average/Game Long
James Baker 82 348 5 58 38
Chad Chalich 96 423 0 30.3 52
Jerrel Brown 34 128 0 21.3 47
Josh McCain 36 121 1 24.2 34

Idaho Receiving Leaders
Name Receptions Yards TDs Average/Game Long
Dezmon Epps 46 493 2 70.4 50
Najee Lovett 22 275 0 39.3 35
Deon Watson 15 182 0 26 39
Michael LaGrone 14 169 0 24.1 59

Idaho Offense Idaho Defense
Scoring 115 302
First Downs 130 184
Rushing Yardage 990 1536
Passing Yardage 1559 2250
Total Offense 2549 3786
Total Plays 546 546
Average Per Play 4.7 6.9

OM Offense OM Defense
Scoring 201 191
First Downs 167 151
Rushing Yardage 1229 1234
Passing Yardage 1897 1548
Total Offense 3126 2782
Total Plays 541 496
Average Per Play 5.8 5.6

OM Idaho
Turnovers 11 16
Punting 27 for 1231 50 for 2350 yards
Time of Possession 28:15:00 32:36:00
3rd Conversion % 47/106 (44%) 43/127 (34%)
4th Conversion % 10/19 (53%) 9/19 (47%)
Sacks For 9 for 61 yards 10 for 73 yards
FG 9 for 12 6 for 11
Red Zone Scoring 21/26 (81%) 16/20 (80%)
Penalties 37 for 296 yards 50 for 403 yards

Team Stats FBS Rank OM FBS Rank Idaho
Total Yards 46th 446.6 95th 363
Passing Yards 36th 271 71st 222.7
Rushing Yards 58th 175.6 92nd 140.3
Points For 73rd 28.7 117th 16,4
Points Against 72nd 27.3 124th 43.1

[Fit4LifeLLC has, again, contributed mightily to this effort. Thank you, sir.]