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G Stefan Moody commits to Ole Miss basketball

The Rebels picked up a verbal commitment from the Texas JUCO guard, whose outside shooting and off-court troubles could make him a suitable replacement for Marshall Henderson somewhere down the line.

AK's very happy about this commitment. Or maybe it's just that sweet all-white Nike outfit he's rocking.
AK's very happy about this commitment. Or maybe it's just that sweet all-white Nike outfit he's rocking.

Whenever the highly talented and equally volatile Marshall Henderson departs the Ole Miss basketball program -- be that at the end of his eligibility after the 2013-14 season or two weeks from now following, I don't know, a cocaine-fueled car chase that ends in the dining room of the Chi-O house -- he will undoubtedly leave a major hole to be filled.

On Thursday, the Rebels gained the verbal commitment of Kilgore Community College guard Stefan Moody, who Andy Kennedy hopes can help fill that hole in 2014-15.

Moody, a combo guard with good outside shooting ability and an insane vertical, averaged 15.7 points per game with Florida Atlantic last season and earned Sun Belt Freshman of the Year and second-team all conference honors. Like Marshall, he's not shy with the ball behind the arc, where he hit 35.4 percent of this threes for a total of 52 on the season.

"Coach Kennedy has recruited him to be a lead guard, has kinda told him that they're losing an impact player at that guard position and although they're not the same player or type of player he's expecting Stefan to make an impact in their basketball program next season," Kilgore coach Brian Hoberecht told EotC Hugh Kellenberger, confirming that AK is looking to use Moody in a similar scoring role as Henderson.

Officially listed at 5-foot-10, Moody is a bit shorter than the 6-foot-2 Henderson, but is more athletic and shows better ability to drive to and finish at the basket. He was one of the the Owls' top dunkers last season, a fact verified by this video of him throwing down at the 2012 FL vs. USA Dunk Contest in Orlando:

Why is Moody no longer at FAU, you ask? That's were this gets good. He transferred to Kilgore back in July due to academic issues, but also sat through a three-game suspension last December for, you guessed it, a drug-related rules violation.

So in some summation: we have a playmaking guard with good touch from the outside who transferred from a four-year school to a JUCO in Texas following a drug-related mishap. Bring on the crazy.

Here's another highlight video: