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Power Poll - Week Whatever

Juco all-American hates you all, so he didn't do a power poll ballot for this week. I'll half-ass it here.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide - Well, this is one of the only obvious answers on this poll.
  2. Missouri Tigers - The SEC's other unbeaten, and it's a hell of a surprise for the conference's fans and pundits alike. Missouri is deep and talented, particularly at wide receiver and on the defensive front.
  3. Auburn Tigers - Auburn looked shaky and inconsistent at the beginning of the season. Last weekend, they beat Texas A&M in College Station. Yeah, I dunno what's going on in this conference either.
  4. Texas A&M Aggies - Out of the race for the SEC Title, A&M is now playing for pride and bowl respectability. Their defense could cost them another game along the way.
  5. Ole Miss Rebels - Yep, we're biased. Deal with it.
  6. LSU Tigers - Did Zach Mettenberger have a bad game, or regress to the mean established by last year?
  7. Georgia Bulldogs - From, really, TAMU down, I'm not sure how to rank any of these teams. Becaues it benefits Ole Miss the most, I'm going with the worst losses formula. Since Georgia lost to Vanderbilt who Ole Miss beat, they're here.
  8. South Carolina Gamecocks - Sakerlina lost to Tennessee, who I once would have said is not as good as Vanderbilt. I'm not ready to say that anymore, but here the Gamecocks are. (They also lost to Georgia.)
  9. Tennessee Volunteers - Butch Jones could have the Vols moving in the right direction, and quickly. I don't like this.
  10. Vanderbilt Commodores - Vanderbilt's like Ole Miss, in that they'll put up a fight for four quarters whether you're ready or not.
  11. Florida Gators - Never I can't recall the last time such a suffocating defense was combined with such an inept offense.
  12. Mississippi State Bulldogs - Bad. #keepbelievin'
  13. Arkansas Razorbacks - Worse
  14. Kentucky Wildcats - The Worst
Check out the final results at Team Speed Kills. Yep, nobody over there knows what to do with this conference anymore.