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Red Cup Radio Doesn't Really Talk about Idaho

We just came off of a huge win for this program moving forward, and you expect us to talk about Idaho?!

This week, Juco and I relive the LSU game! We discuss Bo Wallace's performance, give our props to the defensive backups, and even follow along in real-ish time with the game's final drive, narrating what we see as it goes! We even make a passing reference or two to our upcoming game against the Idaho Vandals! (Seriously, we dont' care about this game. Get through it unscathed and move on.)

As for the "following along with the drive" bit, the YouTube video we use for this little experiment is, I believe, this one right here. You too can do can follow along as you listen, if you'd like.

Click the link below to listen, or download the Rebel Sports Radio app for your Apple or Android device which allows you to listen to our show (and any of the much, much better shows on the station) on demand. Or, you can visit Rebel Sports Radio dot com as well.