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Former Rebel Defensive End Kentrell Lockett too Enjoys Celebrating Ole Miss Victories

C'mon, you'd have done the same thing.

Chris Graythen

Former Ole Miss Rebel defensive end and fan favorite social media-er, Kentrell Lockett, celebrated the Rebels' Saturday night 27-24 win over the No. 6 LSU Tigers the way we all would like to, by wearing an Ole Miss helmet, walking through a dimly lit neighborhood, and talking shit to strangers. Via Lockett's Instagram:

Seen here not giving a damn beyond reproach, Lockett is perhaps best known for his Twitter-based hilarity, but also endeared himself to the Ole Miss Rebel fan base by blocking a fourth quarter extra point attempt by the Florida Gators in Ole Miss' 2008 win over the then number four ranked team in the country. Perhaps Kentrell was reliving his own football glory days. Or maybe he was a few drinks in and felt like getting stupid in public. Either way, we at the Cup raise our glasses to the former Rebel standout. Never change, Ole Forty. Never change.