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(Re)Introducing: The Red Cup Rebellion video section

The Cup would like you to know about our super cool video section, in which we'll be housing some of the Ole Miss media department's kick-ass videos, beginning with this spine-tingling look at the Rebels' improbable upset over LSU last weekend.

As you all know, the Ole Miss media department has done an absolutely phenomenal job at producing high-quality, professional-grade video content for several years now. If you're like me, you randomly stumble upon these videos through Twitter, Facebook, the occasional perusing of the Ole Miss YouTube account or sporadic postings here on the Cup.

Beginning this week, the Cup will be working to bring you a good bit of this awesome video content and house it in one convenient spot right here on the ole blog site. You may have noticed the video section before (it's been around since the launching of the new SBN United layout), but we'll be curating and featuring it a bit more in the coming weeks and months. We'll have the pre-game motivationals, game videos, episodes of The Season (you may have noticed our fancy new front page section) and pretty much anything else we deem cool or interesting.

To find the video section, just mouse over the 'Sections' tab in the top menu bar (^^Look! There it is at the top of this very page!^^) and select 'Videos.'

Today, we bring you this particularly bad-ass look back at the Rebels' win over LSU. I dare you to watch it and not want to go hit something.