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Rebel Roundup - October 18, 2013

Ole Miss Rebel News and Notes to Kickoff the Weekend

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Here are Andy Kennedy's Remarks from SEC Basketball Media Days Earlier this Week

I'm not sure we're gonna repeat as SEC tourney champs or anything, but this team should be a pretty tough out for our opponents this year, and that's exciting enough for me.

From Fans to Family - thelifeoxford's Fanpost
Interesting takes on what it means to be a fan and, in particular, an Ole Miss fan.

SEC football potluck, Week 8: Big questions for all 6 conference games |
SB Nation's Bill C. has a preview of every single SEC game this weekend, and for his look at LSU vs. Ole Miss he asks "How's Ole Miss' depth?" Well, Bill, allow me to answer with a "not good."

Your LSU-Ole Miss tailgating guide, plus the best bars in Oxford |
I was asked to brag about Oxford and the Grove a little bit for the SB Nation mothership, and since we Ole Miss Rebels love to talk about our little corner of the universe (seriously, I don't know of another college football fan base that loves to talk about their neck of the woods about as much as we do) I happily obliged... Under some bizarre pen name, obviously.

Is the Pac-12 the best conference in college football right now? |
Bill C., don't be silly! Of course the Pac-12 isn't better than the SEC! -SEC football fans who probably haven't watched any Pac-12 ball this season.

College football recruiting, Week 8: Notre Dame, Clemson welcoming top guests |
Clifton Garrett, one of the top linebackers in the country, is visiting Ole Miss this weekend. He is likely an LSU commitment, but he does have some interest in the Rebs. Hopefully he leaves Oxford impressed.