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Red Cup Radio! LSU Tigers Edition!

This week, Smeargle and I discuss last week's game atmosphere, the majesty of Johnny Manziel, the outlook for the rest of the Ole Miss Rebels season, and the realization that Ole Miss is probably going to lose again this weekend when LSU comes to town. It's 30-ish minutes of #realtalk and #hotsportstakes, so get on it for this lovely Friday afternoon.

And check out the Geaux Show, And The Valley Shook's LSU Tiger's podcast, for this week, because yours truly makes an appearance. I talk about Ole Miss' injuries, fan expectations, and the history of the Ole MIss vs. LSU game.

Click the link below to listen, or download the Rebel Sports Radio app for your Apple or Android device which allows you to listen to our show (and any of the much, much better shows on the station) on demand. Or, you can visit Rebel Sports Radio dot com as well.