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SEC Power Poll - Week 8 Ballot

How does the Southeastern Conference stack up?

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

The power poll results for the week can be found here, and my ballot is below. As always, remind us where we went wrong in the comments.

  1. Alabama - Alabama will continue being first on this list until someone else separates from the pack. I'm not sure that's coming though.
  2. LSU - Jeremy Hill is just as talented running the football as he is dropping people to the ground with a single punch.
  3. Texas A&M - Damn you, Johnny Manziel. Go pro already.
  4. South Carolina - The Gamecocks have a chance to jump back into the SEC East championship race, and why not? They have a capable quarterback and a solid defense.
  5. Missouri - The Tigers could have been a cinderella story with James Franklin. Now, the SEC has tape on their freshman QB.
  6. Georgia - The injuries finally caught up to them, and Aaron Murray couldn't will the team to victory. Georgia really only has two losable games left. 8-4 would be kinda sad in Aaron Murray's senior year though.
  7. Florida - Florida faces four more teams currently ranked in the top fifteen. It's a tough test, but they could come out of it 10-2 with tons of momentum.
  8. Auburn - Gus Malzahn has a chance to make a real statement this week against A&M. It should be fun to watch regardless.
  9. Ole Miss - This team is better than we thought a week ago but not enough better to move up.
  10. Tennessee - The Volunteers have to pull an upset to gain bowl eligibility. That's a tough task for a team that can't pass.
  11. Mississippi State - Mississippi State is the hardest team to gauge in the conference. One week, they're rolling. The next: LOL.
  12. Arkansas - The Razorbacks threw the ball twelve times despite losing by 45 points: an interesting strategy.
  13. Vanderbilt - Don't worry, Vanderbilt. Kentucky's only a few weeks away.
  14. Kentucky - What is there to say? Kentucky is terrible at football.