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What was Hugh Freeze Doing Addressing a Fan Post-game?

Hugh Freeze was seen doing what I can best describe as "arguing" with what was presumably an Ole Miss fan after Ole Miss' loss to Texas A&M. What was that all about?

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

We don't know the details of the event - we don't know what exactly was said or by whom, nor do we have any contextual clues outside of the obvious - but, regardless, somebody said something that upset Hugh Freeze after Ole Miss' last second 41-38 loss to the Texas A&M Aggies this past Saturday night.


Consider the circumstances of the event. Hugh Freeze's Rebels had taken and lost a touchdown lead in the fourth quarter against the #9 team in the country at home. A slew of players, particularly on defense, were taken out of the game due to injury. One such player, linebacker Serderius Bryant, was taken out of the stadium on a stretcher after colliding with Johnny Manziel and temporarily losing consciousness and feeling. It was a wild, emotional fourth quarter, and here Hugh Freeze is literally a couple of minutes after it all ended against his favor with some fan or student heckling him in the presence of his wife and children.

A lot of people would have acted out in such a situation. Still though, Coach Freeze isn't a lot of people. He is an SEC head coach, and he should hardly be surprised by such confrontation. He shouldn't have acted out, something he knows as well as anybody.

On the other hand, who the hell sticks around to jeer a specific person within spitting distance after a sporting event? Like, really, who does that? It's one thing to, as a crowd of anonymous faces, cheer, boo, sing, dance, whatever. It's another thing to seek someone out and make sure that they hear what you have to say, as if whatever it is you're thinking is all that important anyway.

And then, on my third hand (don't ask), what on earth was Jill Freeze wearing on her head? It's some Lafayette County arts and crafts gone mad, is what it is, and I don't like it. It's too reminiscent of this guy.