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Red Cup Radio - Texas A&M Edition!

Bloggers! On the radio! This is a thing now!

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Bloggers with no radio experience talking about stuff into a computer microphone! Horray, us! This week, Juco All-American, Whiskey Wednesday and yours truly speak for a half-hour on all things SEC football. We get off on ridiculous tangents, mock Whiskey Wednesday for having a terrible microphone and totally not understanding how to mute it, and feign optimism for the next few weeks of Rebel football.

We also have Lucas from Good Bull Hunting on to answer our ill-prepared Texas A&M questions. It's worth your time, we think.

Click the link below to listen, or download the Rebel Sports Radio app for your Apple or Android device which allows you to listen to our show (and any of the much, much better shows on the station) on demand. Or, you can visit Rebel Sports Radio dot com as well.