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Rebel Roundup - October 10, 2013

More Ole Miss Rebel news and notes to keep you satiated.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Here's this week's episode of The Season, where you can relive Ole Miss' agonizing defeat to Auburn and see our AV team, usually top notch, misspell "sophomore" more than once.

Nick Brassell ain't Unemployed Anymore |
The former Ole Miss defensive back and wide receiver turned college dropout turned junior college dropout turned ne'er do well turned charity case is now a part of the Toronto Argonauts roster. Nick Brassell is literally immigrating to Canada, y'all. The possibilities for snark and tragic, personal disaster are nearly endless.

J.T. Escobar Commits to Ole Miss | (no, really)
I have no idea who this Escobar guy is, and this is the first I've heard of him, but he's committed to the Rebs per his personal website. As a junior at Maclay High School in Tallahassee, the shooting guard averaged 18.0 points per game, making 38% of his threes and 91% of his free throws.

Bianco in favor of livelier baseball | Rebel Grove
Imagine that... The NCAA is considering moving to a seamless baseball in lieu of the traditional raised-seam ball. This would improve the ball's aerodynamics allowing it to fly farther and balance out the deadening effect of the BBCOR bats used in the college game. Mike Bianco, understandably, is in favor of this.