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Auburn (and Everybody Else) Hates Marshall Henderson

The No. 23 Ole Miss Rebels held on to win late last night against Auburn, 63-61. Oh, and Marshall Henderson pissed off pretty much everybody in Auburn Arena.

Just look at this:


This was just after the final buzzer of last night's win when Marshall Henderson, apparently relishing in being the ire of the Southeastern Conference, bolted over towards the Auburn student section to flash his jersey and, I dunno, scream "WHITE GIRL WEDNESDAY" or something.

It was brash. It was confrontational. It was wholly unnecessary. And it was absolutely hilarious.

I mean, just look at how much they hate his guts during this beautiful moment. You've got the "get off of my lawn" guy up front in the orange Patagonia. There's the guy who thinks middle fingers are like pistols of fury in the top left just sorta aiming them at Henderson. Then a fathead flops down behind Mr. "FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! GET THE FU--" and in front of Astonished Auburn Snuggie Girl. Mix that in with like eight bros who want to fight and a security guard who has suddenly found himself face-to-face with his new favorite SEC basketball player, and you've got what is easily the best Ole Miss basketball related gif in the history of both Ole Miss basketball and gif animation.

Marshall Henderson, shine on you crazy diamond... just short of an SEC suspension, of course.