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Red Cup Reactions: Ole Miss Lands LaQuon Treadwell and Elijah Daniel

Red Cup Reactions are a new feature we're trying out here at the Cup where we record 10-15 minute segments on a particular and timely topic of interest. This edition is on Rebel recruiting.


Ghost, Whiskey Wednesday, and yours truly all convened this afternoon to discuss the recent commitments of wide receiver LaQuon Treadwell and defensive end Elijah Daniel. We concluded that these developments are indeed good things for the Ole Miss Rebel football program.

Quite the reach, I know.

Anyway, click play in the widget below or click this link right here to give this edition of Red Cup Reactions a listen. If you like it, share it with some folks who you feel might also like it, and be certain to let us know how you feel about it in the comments thread. If this is something that we feel can be successful from here on out, we may crank one or two of these out a week (as supplementary material to Red Cup Radio, of course) because, frankly, they're easy and fun to do.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for future iterations of Red Cup Reactions, then let us know. Enjoy.