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Rebel Roundup - January 21, 2013

Ole Miss Rebel news and notes talks Rebel basketball, recruiting, and CJ Johnson's choochoo fistpump.

Look who decided to join us for a little Ole Miss basketball this past weekend.
Look who decided to join us for a little Ole Miss basketball this past weekend.
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Ole Miss 76, Arkansas 64: The Sad Bad Tad Pad | Arkansas Expats
So, yeah, we need to get our 'lectricity situaish figured out on Campus. A blip in power caused the lights to go out when the Rebs were playing Arkansas this past Saturday. It also totally screwed up the ESPN broadcast for a solid half-hour or so. Oh, and the Rebels won, winning four straight SEC games to open the season for the first time since the 1930's. Nothing to see here.

Oh, and the Rebels broke into the top-25 at #23 and Marshall Henderson was named SEC basketball player of the week. Both of those are neat.

Ole Miss scoring leader Marshall can't hide emotions | EotC
He might be a crazy, in-your-face, off-the-wall sackful of emotions, but he's our crazy, in-your-face, off-the-wall sackful of emotions, dammit. Marshall Henderson is the kind of guy who I'm sure the rest of the SEC hates due to his antics and, let's face it, his play. But, since he's our guy, we love him, and rightfully so.

Mississippi State, Ole Miss coaches have Twitter spat |
Mississippi State wide receivers coach Tim Brewster more-or-less tweeted that Ole Miss defensive line coach Chris Kiffin would leave Ole Miss to take a similar position with the Dallas Cowboys. Within minutes, Kiffin, Ross Bjork, and others, swooped in and shut his ass down with some power move tweets.

So the lesson here kids is to not say unverified nonsense on Twitter (unless you're a talking plastic cup - then it's fine) and become an embarrassment for your employer.

Robert Nkemdiche enjoys Florida visit, claims all schools are even |
We at the Cup are still treating him as an Ole Miss lock. We hope that our hearts won't be broken because of this.

Ole Miss' recruiting train chugging along | SEC Blog - ESPN
The conductor of this train? CJ Johnson...