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Five-Star WR Prospect Laquon Treadwell Commits to the Ole Miss Rebels

Laquon Treadwell, the nation's number one high school wide receiver announced that he plans to attend Ole Miss.


Treadwell is the #1 receiver in the country according to and is ranked as a five-star prospect. The Illinois native chose the Rebels over offers from around the country, including a final pair of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. This commitment marks Hugh Freeze's first five-star commitment of the year - a group that will likely increase in size.

Laquon Treadwell is best described as a fast possession receiver, much like Donte Moncrief. Treadwell isn't a burner, but is capable of creating separation and uses his body well. He will obviously be incredibly helpful to the Rebels' efforts over the next few seasons to compete in the SEC West. Treadwell will immediately benefit from the presence of Moncrief, but he will have to work in the Summer to make a name for himself at a position in which Ja-Mes Logan and Vincent Sanders have already excelled. Unless he's absolutely phenomenal when he arrives, Treadwell is unlikely to leapfrog Sanders (at least initially), but there will be plenty of snaps to go around for the Ole Miss receiving corps.

The thing that stands out the most from his senior video to me is his ability after the catch. I knew he was a good and reliable receiver, but I guess you don't get ranked the number one receiver in the country without being able to do some incredible things. Here's a particular clip that stood out to me, showing his physicality as well as vision.

Looking back, it's incredible to think of what a difference one year makes. The program was in shambles last January. At no point was anyone entertaining the idea that a player the caliber of Laquon Treadwell would give the Rebels a serious look. Over the course of a year though, the Ole Miss coaches were able to convince Treadwell to visit Oxford. Then he visited again. Then he brought his momma along. Then he attended the Rebels' bowl game in Birmingham. Too often, people who look at or talk about recruiting make a big deal out of a prospect being a "fan" of a school. Here though, I honestly think that really does apply. It's obvious that Treadwell really, really likes Ole Miss.

Thankfully, Rebel fans are already pretty fond of him too.

Treadwell's commitment moves the Ole Miss signing class' ranking up to #11 nationally. Most fans and analysts alike expect the ranking to move up a bit over the next few weeks with the presumed addition of Robert Nkemdiche, among others. There's a good chance the Rebels end up with a top ten class nationally, an idea that was simply unfathomable when Hugh Freeze took over in Oxford.