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Rebel Roundup - January 14, 2013

Ole Miss Rebel news and notes looks at Rebel basketball, college football playoffs, the NFL playoffs, and other miscellany.

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Aaron Jones, who the ESPN3 announcers routinely mistook for Reginald Buckner, with a slam against Mizzou.
Aaron Jones, who the ESPN3 announcers routinely mistook for Reginald Buckner, with a slam against Mizzou.

Ole Miss Coasts Past Ailing Missouri |
The Rebel men's team picked up their biggest win of the season thus far on Saturday night by defeating the then #10 Missouri Tigers by double-digits.

Ole Miss women's basketball falls to Alabama | Hattiesburg American
The women's team, though, has not fared so well in SEC play. One cannot help but wonder how the unceremonious firing of first year head coach Adrian Wiggins just weeks before the beginning of the season is impacting this season, but only for something a minute or two before thinking of something else because, c'mon, he probably deserved it and most of you forgot that even happened anyway.

MSU, Ole Miss represented on all remaining NFL teams |
For those of us who take pride in these sorts of things, the "Playoffs Rebels" billboards could be up soon. Guys like Michael Oher, Patrick Willis, and Peria Jerry are alive and kicking late into the NFL postseason. Personally, I'm really hoping that Willis gets a Super Bowl ring if only for the fact that he's, oh, I dunno, the best football player to ever don a Rebel uniform.

Ole Miss to Drop TeleSouth | Mississippi's New Sports Talk Radio
No longer will TeleSouth have the media rights to Ole Miss television and radio. IMG, the group responsible for the SEC as well as nine other SEC schools, has bought out the TeleSouth contract. What does this mean? I'm not sure, but I do imagine that a group with a reputation and portfolio as good as IMG's can't possibly be bad for our athletics department.

College football playoffs: How bowls like the Music City can survive |
From FotC Godfrey comes a look at the future of the college football bowl season. Important to note is that, once the BCS system ends next year, so too will the agreements between conference and their partner bowls. This means that, things which are all screwed up (like Vanderbilt playing in the Music City Bowl) can hopefully be improved upon.

Ole Miss Homecoming Queen featured on Steve Harvey Show

Proud of you, Courtney. My only question is do they make you wear that dress and tiara everywhere you go, because that looks mighty tedious.