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Pollin': Week 2 SB Nation BlogPoll and SEC Power Poll

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As always, these initial ballots are draft ballots. If what you see in front of you is, as you see it, dead wrong, then speak up. If you and others can make a decent enough case to have these teams moved around, then I'll do that. First is the BlogPoll ballot, with the SEC Power Poll ballot just after the jump.

SB Nation BlogPoll Top 25 College Football Rankings

Red Cup Rebellion Ballot - Week 2

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama Crimson Tide --
2 USC Trojans --
3 LSU Tigers --
4 Florida St. Seminoles Arrow_up 4
5 Oklahoma Sooners --
6 Oregon Ducks Arrow_down -2
7 Georgia Bulldogs Arrow_up 8
8 Michigan St. Spartans Arrow_down -2
9 Kansas St. Wildcats Arrow_up 5
10 West Virginia Mountaineers --
11 Ohio St. Buckeyes Arrow_down -2
12 South Carolina Gamecocks Arrow_up 8
13 Virginia Tech Hokies --
14 Notre Dame Fighting Irish Arrow_down -7
15 Clemson Tigers Arrow_up 1
16 Texas Longhorns Arrow_up 6
17 Stanford Cardinal --
18 Tennessee Volunteers Arrow_up 3
19 Florida Gators --
20 Michigan Wolverines Arrow_down -2
21 UCLA Bruins --
22 Arizona Wildcats --
23 South Florida Bulls --
24 Oregon St. Beavers --
25 Louisville Cardinals --
Dropouts: Arkansas Razorbacks, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Boise St. Broncos, Oklahoma St. Cowboys, BYU Cougars, Wisconsin Badgers

SB Nation BlogPoll College Football Top 25 Rankings "

There was significant movement this week, most notably with teams dropping out of the top-25 due to losses this past weekend. Buh-bye to the Razorbacks, the Cornhuskers (they'll be back), the Cowboys and the Badgers. Boise State is the victim of their own scheduling, as they didn't play anybody this past weekend and, at 0-1, have no real place on a top-25 list. BYU beat the tar out of Weber State, meaning that they're not impressive enough to stay in the poll in place of UCLA, Zona, USF, Oregon State, et al.

Notre Dame almost lost to Purdue, so they tumble. Florida State hasn't beaten anybody worth a damn, but they have looked untouchable doing so, meaning that I legitimately feel that, purely from a talent standpoint, they're one of the top teams in the country.

Georgia and South Carolina got big jumps. Georgia's self explanitory, but South Carolina was ranked where they were in more of a "do I think they would beat the following teams" type of deal.

My SEC Power Poll ballot for this week is:

  1. Alabama - Of course.
  2. LSU - And it's deja vu all over again.
  3. Georgia - The Dawgs might play old man football, but it's Old Man in a way that Herschel Walker is technically kinda old. He'd still beat your ass if he wanted to.
  4. Sakerlina - The Gamecocks are going to be somewhat hard to judge over the next few weeks. Their first big time SEC test post-Vanderbilt is Mizzou in two weeks. After that, it's two more weeks before they travel to Athens to play Georgia.
  5. Tennessee - I was tempted to rank them number four, only because they've been convincing in their wins.
  6. Florida - That Saturday win was very impressive. They toughed it out against a motivated, talented opponent in a hostile environment. Nice job, Gators.
  7. Mississippi State - This is a Phillip J. Fry "not sure if" type of moment. Not sure if State's good or if Auburn's really just that bad.
  8. Missouri - The only reason I'm raking the Eastern Division Tigers over the Aggies is...
  9. Texas A&M - ...because losing to Georgia at home is easier to excuse than blowing a lead to the Gators at home. Georgia really is that much better.
  10. Ole Miss - WE ARE STILL NOT LAST!
  11. Auburn - I think a lot of people are playing the "let's give Auburn the benefit of the doubt here" card. Screw that. Their offense was atrocious on Saturday.
  12. Kentucky - Looked good against Kent State. Dunno what to make of that.
  13. Vanderbilt - 0-2 against good teams is still 0-2.