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Marquel Combs De-Commits from Ole Miss; Still Likes Us

Thanks for that, SEC. Mandatory Credit: Kelly Lambert-US PRESSWIRE
Thanks for that, SEC. Mandatory Credit: Kelly Lambert-US PRESSWIRE

Two days ago, highly rated junior college defensive tackle Marquel Combs de-committed from Ole Miss. Rebel fans were upset. At least one took to twitter to insult Combs' definition of commitment.

Then the truth came to light. Combs didn't WANT to de-commit. He had to do so because of the SEC's odd junior college transfer rules (HT: Clarion Ledger). Combs actually says he wants to be at Ole Miss more than anything but that he may not be able to afford to stay in junior college another semester just to go to Ole Miss. It was his intention all along to graduate in December, and he can do so if he attends a school outside of the SEC. Because of the way our conference treats non-traditional courses, he cannot graduate in December and enroll at Ole Miss.

So we're caught in a tough place. Obviously I'm not cheering for the guy to fail any classes. I don't wish that upon anyone. If he does fail to graduate in December, he has said he will enroll at Ole Miss in June.

"We are going to stay in contact and keep a relationship in case something goes wrong and I have to stay for the spring," he said. "If I have to stay for another semester, I'll go to Ole Miss."

It's a tough blow to the recruiting class as I think Combs could have come in and competed to start as a junior. We need help on the interior of the defensive line, and Combs could provide that. I hope for his sake that he does graduate in December and has a successful career in the PAC-12. If things don't work out for him this semester, we'll be glad to have him in this class I'm sure.