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Your Rebel Sports Radio Reminder

How many of you are familiar with Red Cup Radio via Rebel Sports Radio?

Whatever the answer is, it's probably not enough. For those of you who are new-ish to the Cup and Red Cup Radio, our weekly radio show now hosted by Rebel Sports Radio, here's the skinny: every Wednesday night, I and a hodge-podge of others record an online radio show to be broadcast on Thursday mornings. We oftentimes have guests on from more mainstream media outlets and other SB Nation blogs. We rarely stay on topic and, occasionally, tell a joke worthy of a chuckle or two.

How can you get in on this hot radio action? Your options are two-and-a-half fold. You can visit Rebel Sports Radio's official website, where the channel is streaming all day long. You can download their apps for your Apple or Android devices to listen to the streaming channel and our show - along with many others of a much higher and less "time wastey" quality - any time on demand. Or you can follow @RebelSportRadio on the Twitters to get links to shows as they are broadcast.