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Around the SEC on SBN: Week One, East

Will Muschamp invoking <a href="" target="new">his spirit animal</a>.
Will Muschamp invoking his spirit animal.

Here's a look at the rest of the Southeastern Conference as told by our fellow SB Nation bloggers. First up is the SEC East, with the West soon to follow.

Florida Gators - Alligator Army examines the solid performance of the Florida Gators' defense against Bowling Green this past weekend. As for the offense, well, I mean, it was there and stuff.

Georgia Bulldogs - Even though Todd Gurley showed Georgia fans that he's got the makings of the Bulldogs back of the future, the gents at DawgSports are already talking about running back recruiting and the talent that could be coming into the SEC this fall.

Kentucky Wildcats - Ken Howlett at A Sea of Blue got heartburn at Papa John's, and probably from eating too many slices of pepperoni RIGHT GUYS EASY JOKE IS EASY UP TOP! (But for real, they're bummed about the Louisville loss.)

Missouri Tigers - It's another roundtable discussion over at Rock M Nation, where the Tigers' commentariat answers a handful of questions about this weekend's game against Georgia, the Missouri program's first ever game against an SEC opponent as a member of the conference.

South Carolina Gamecocks - Garnet and Black Attack breaks down Shaq Wilson's interception of Jordan Rogers in the season-opening game against Vanderbilt.

Tennessee Volunteers - Joel at Rocky Top Talk asks whether or not it matters that Tennessee is ranked for the first time in four years. Part of me wants to jump up and shout "OF COURSE IT DOES JOEL DUH GEEZE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU" but, then again, I realize that his football team has won a national championship in his lifetime.

Vanderbilt Commodores - Have we seen blatant pass interference no-calls late in the fourth quarter hinder a potential Vanderbilt victory before? Yes, argues Anchor of Gold, and it wasn't even that long ago. Check that out to get an idea as to how Vanderbilt really looked last week against South Carolina.