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RCR Pick 'Em Week One Results and Week Two Matchups

Auburn's loss to Clemson threw a lot of folks off in week one's pick em.
Auburn's loss to Clemson threw a lot of folks off in week one's pick em.

One week's in the books and, boy, am I in last place or what? Well, actually, ThemRebsIsHellDon'tThey is in last place, but I'm in like 130-somethingth, so it makes hardly any difference.

In first place, though, are literally 39 of you who picked the winner for all ten of last week's games. LandShark is currently the overall #1 though, because he most closely picked the tiebreaker score in the Michigan and Alabama game.

Notables in first place are ColRebsLastBreath, Smeargle, DYMongoose, Bob Loblaw, TNreb, PrinceandtheRebelution, and several dozen others. Congratulations y'all, but don't get too confident. There are 21 people in second place who are literally just one point away from your position. It has only been a week, so really anyone could win this thing in the end. Keep that in mind.

The full standings are here. Follow that link, and you should be able to click a "Your Picks" button on the left, directing you to this week's games, which are as follows:

  • Auburn at Mississippi St.
  • Florida at Texas A&M
  • Georgia at Missouri
  • Illinois at Arizona St.
  • Iowa St. at Iowa
  • Miami at Kansas St.
  • North Carolina at Wake Forest
  • Oklahoma St. at Arizona
  • UTEP at Ole Miss
  • Vanderbilt at Northwestern
Good luck y'all.