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Pollin' - The Return of the Blogpoll and SEC Power Polls

If you have anyone but Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide at the top of your rankings, then you're wrong.
If you have anyone but Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide at the top of your rankings, then you're wrong.

For those of you who are new 'round these parts for this season, this weekly post marks our submission of our draft ballots to the SB Nation Blogpoll and the SEC Power Poll. The former is a top-25 list compiled via votes from the college football blogosphere, of which we are a part; the latter is a 1-14 ranking of the teams in the SEC based on the performances seen on the season thus far, again via votes from the college football blogosphere.

I do these all by myself, which means that they are liable to my errors in judgment and occasional bouts with idiocy. You are free and even encouraged to inform me of said errors and idiocy - these ballots can be changed. If changes are made, I'll post updated ballots on Wednesday-ish as well as link to the final polls when they are released.

Got it? Good. First up, the SB Nation Blog Poll ballot from Red Cup Rebellion:

I hate polls in the early season. There are still just too many questions left to answer. USC is good, but are they better than, say, LSU or Oregon? You can't really tell, because none of them played a noteworthy team this weekend, aside from maybe Oregon's Arkansas State game. Should Michigan be punished all that much for losing to the best team in college football? Should Clemson really get much of a rise out of beating Auburn? Same goes for Sakerlina and their Vandy game. What about Notre Dame? Was their win all that impressive?

So, to put it simply, pollin' is tough this early.

Now on to our SEC Power Poll ballot:

  1. Alabama - There's no need to explain this.
  2. LSU - They honestly don't need much of an offense with the talent they have on defense.
  3. Tennessee - Say what? Look, they're not the third best team in the conference at all, but they actually played a talented opponent at a neutral site and handled the game pretty well. I've got to give Tennessee credit for that.
  4. Arkansas - The piss wasn't hot this past week, but it was certainly a step above "warm."
  5. Georgia - Struggled at times with Buffalo, but was mostly dominant. I watched the game and, while the score might have been close early, the DaWgZz were in full control.
  6. South Carolina - What's that, South Carolina plays bizarre, confused football during a Thursday night season opener only to squeak out a win? Never seen that before (GOTCHA I TOTALLY HAVE).
  7. Florida - Florida looked downright lost against Bowling Green. Will Muschamp might not survive much longer in Gainesville.
  8. Mizzou - Slaughtered an FCS opponent at home, which is why part of me thinks I should actually rank them lower. I won't, though, because I'm also sorta considering potential in these rankings. Sorta.
  9. Auburn - Auburn's ferocious up front on defense. If they can get their quarterback situation figured out then they can be a dangerous team.
  10. Vanderbilt - Gah, I like to think Vandy is better than this, and we all know that they sortof got dicked over by the officials late in that South Carolina game, but I cannot reasonably rank them higher than teams which defeated non-FCS opponents this past weekend.
  11. Texas A&M - They haven't yet played, so they're in this sortof default position right now. They very well could beat Florida this weekend at Kyle Field. It really isn't much of a stretch to suggest that at all. Still, until we see what Kevin Sumlin's Aggies look like, they're gonna fall right here.
  12. Mississippi State -
  13. Ole Miss - We're not last!
  14. Kentucky - All three of Kentucky's football fans have put for sale signs in Joker Phillips' yard. One even put a sign reading "U gotta be JOKEING" on his garage. It looked fingerpainted.
Again, this is all subject to change, so please speak up if you think I've missed something.