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Rebel Roundup - September 3, 2012

LoCk ThE vAuGhT!1
LoCk ThE vAuGhT!1

It's Labor Day
Don't do any work. Call your boss and tell him/her to hit the bricks if they tell you to work today. Tell them they hate America if they disagree. Pound a few cold ones to get loose and conversational if need be - get the jitters out, ya know? You're welcome for the day off. Now spend it here with us.

The Top Five Plays of the Week in the SEC
Bo Wallace's touchdown pass to Donte Moncrief - the one that the threw into a bit of a seam after rolling out of the pocket to the weak side of the field - was the 5th best play of the week in the Southeastern Conference, according to this video:

We Play UTEP This Week, in Case You're Dumb and Forgot Already
So you should visit our friends over at SB Nation's Miner Rush. We'll be working with them a lot this week, and we will hopefully even have them on Red Cup Radio to chat Miner football.

Rebel 101 | Invitation Oxford
This is really more self promotion than anything else, but we made it into Invitation Oxford as one of the "blogs, websites and Facebook and Twitter pages" which Rebel fans should follow. [HT: TDs and Beer]

Ole Miss OC Werner likes what he saw from QBs | The Clarion-Ledger
It is tough to not be pleased with the performances Bo Wallace and Barry Brunetti had this past Saturday. Coach Freeze says that "Bo started this game, and he'll start the next one," but added that he is "not ready to say that Barry is out of it." While I would like for the staff to stick with one over the other, it would be tough to keep either off of the field for long periods of time. Wallace was spectacular, but so was Brunetti with his runs and his touchdown pass to Jamal Mosely.

All-access Rebels: An insider's view of the first week of the Hugh Freeze era at Ole Miss | The Commercial Appeal
I hope this is a weekly feature in the Commercial Appeal, because I really enjoyed it. This is a somewhat detailed look at the week leading up to the Central Arkansas game, as well as the feelings and emotions about the game itself. One part I particularly enjoyed was Denzel Nkemdiche's locker room outburst at halftime with the team trailing UCA 20-14.

This right here is going to determine our season. WHO IS GONNA RISE UP? WHO IS GONNA RISE UP? LET'S GO!

I know it may not seem like much, but it is reassuring to see the players put some heart into the game.