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Gameday: Ole Miss v. Alabama

An examination of the statistics and logistics of Ole Miss vs. Alabama, as well as other games of note this weekend.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

[With the new SB Nation United design, we wanted to turn the cover page of the Cup into a sortof "gameday central" by using all of the glossy photographs and fancy headlines we can. We don't want this to just be a place for the vulgar discussion of our in-game football woes. Rather, we want this to be a place where people can spend much of their Saturdays if they so well please, discussing college football or, really, anything. So as a part of this, we're going to try this new weekly segment that is intended to be a logistical stop for our fans to get all the pertinent details about the upcoming Rebel game as well as the rest of your football Saturday. It will likely improve as we go along and figure out what works and what doesn't work. Please BEAR with us. (LOLOLOLOL)]

Ole Miss Rebels vs. Alabama Crimson Tide

Time: 9:15 ET / 8:15 CT

Place: Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa, Alabama


Internet: WatchESPN, if you have it, assuming ESPN doesn't hate you.

Audio: Telesouth Radio Affiliates List / Rebelvision ($)

ESPN Preview - Will change to Gametracker when game kicks off, for those of you from way, way out yonder who will have difficulty watching this game otherwise.

Alabama Statistical Leaders:
AJ McCarron - 819 yards passing, 10 touchdowns, zero interceptions
TJ Yeldon - 254 yards rushing, two touchdowns
Kevin Norwood - 159 yards receiving, two touchdowns

Ole Miss Statistical Leaders:
Bo Wallace - 717 yards passing, seven touchdowns, four interceptions
Jeff Scott - 268 yards rushing, three touchdowns
Donte Moncrief - 343 yards receiving, four touchdowns

Other games you should maybe care about:
Baylor v. West Virginia, Noon on FX - ALL OF THE TOUCHDOWNS!
Arkansas v. Texas A&M, Noon on ESPN3 - NONE OF THE DEFENSE!
Michigan State v. Ohio State, 3:30 on ABC - Urban Meyer is still alive, y'all.
Oklahoma State v. Texas, 7:50 on FOX - This game should last five or six hours.