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Pick 'em: Week Four Results and Week Five Picks

Four weeks in, and the pick 'em is still up for grabs.

Brett Deering - Getty Images

Week four of Red Cup Rebellion Pick 'Em 2012 was won outright by one Nostradamus-esque contestant, Loxley Rebel, who picked every game correctly for a perfect score of 55 points.

There were a few folks who did go 9-1 and 8-2 on the weekend, including jtjacks2, oxfordstudy, The Next, Next Dex, 5thyearbartender, and others. All of those mentioned finished in the top ten on the weekend, so nicely done all around.

The top ten through four weeks are as follows:

Rank Selection W-L Pts
1 memboy7's picks 31-9 172
2 DemonReb's picks 27-13 167
3 AbeFroman's picks 28-12 166
4 domereb's picks 28-12 165
5 Bob Loblaw 27-13 163
5 BigEast55's picks 26-14 163
7 PrinceandtheRebelution's picks 27-13 162
8 beer's picks 28-12 161
8 Are you ready?'s picks 28-12 161
10 HUTCH's picks 26-14 160
10 phudson2210's picks 26-14 160
10 moralvictoriescount's picks 27-13 160

Memboy7 is still the leader of the pack, but one slipup or inconceivable upset this weekend could render the entire top-10 out of whack. The games which y'all will be picking this week are after the jump:

  • Stanford at Washington
  • Baylor at West Virginia
  • Arkansas at Texas A&M
  • Ohio State at Michigan State
  • Tennessee at Georgia
  • NC State at Miami
  • Texas at Oklahoma State
  • Texas Tech at Iowa State
  • Wisconsin at Nebraska
  • Ole Miss at Alabama
Good luck, y'all.