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Coming Very Soon: SBN United


So surely you all remember the unveiling of the new red-cup-filled-with-a-supernova logo that we unveiled a few weeks ago. And surely you remember our vague references to changes to come soon to this here corner of the interwebs - and by "this here corner," we mean the entire SB Nation network.

Well that's happening very soon. And while I'm sure there will be an adjustment period for all of us, I think there are some great new things coming with SB Nation united that will make your enjoyment of the network as a sports fan that much better.

Here are some pertinent details:

  • First and foremost, the content of the Cup will not change. We will continue doing whatever it is that keeps you all coming back here for our irreverent takes on Ole Miss Rebel athletics.
  • The layout of the page will change (more on this in a bit) to something a bit smoother and, as I see it, more professional looking. We will be able to better feature stories as opposed to just letting them scroll down the page in reverse chronological order with this new layout, something which I'm very excited about.
  • We will be able to share content across the network in a much more effective fashion. Instead of a Q&A with, say, Roll Bala Roll where we just swap links, we will actually be able to share our sites content with each other. That means you will get to see things that are written about Ole Miss on other blogs right here on the Cup.
  • There will be increased integration and a more streamlined look among the various parts of SB Nation. Instead of the dot com, the regional sites, the team-specific pages, and the mobile pages all having their own aesthetic as they do now, this redesign will ensure that there's a continuity of design across the network. It should look pretty sharp.

Speaking of looks, do you want an idea as to what the Cup will look like under this new design?


The big section up top is where we will have featured pieces. They'll stick up there until we tell them to skedaddle. This means things like HATE WEEK or open threads or big game previews don't get pushed off of the page by new posts. Below that will be what the geeks who run this ship are calling "the river," which will be more like the blog as you know it now, with posts arranging themselves in reverse chronological order until they fall off of the page. Just below that will be the fanposts and fanshots. Worry not; they will still be an integral part of what we do here at the Cup.

So it'll take some adjusting for sure, but I think what the network is doing to increase the integration and aesthetics of our pages will definitely pay off in the long run.