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BlogPoll, SEC Power Poll, and SB Nation Reviews the Weekend: Week 3

What a weekend of football it was! There were upsets, blowouts, marquee matchups, and all of the suspense and drama that can only be understood and appreciated by college football fans. The biggest news of the weekend was, without a doubt, Matthew McConaughey renting out Snackbar and forcing John Currence to hand feed him oysters while Ricky Williams videotaped Stanford bettering USC for the fourth straight year and all but ending the national title hopes of the Trojans.

But that wasn't the only game of note, nor was it the only one with some significant implications for the rest of the season. And so that you may quickly and effectively digest all of the necessary information to appreciate the weekend that was, the folks at the SB Nation mothership have, once again, polled, counted, alphabetized, and Schadenfreude'd their way to what I think is the best college football coverage possible on the internet.

So first up, the SB Nation Blog Poll results after week three:

College Football Rankings 2011

Results for Week 3

# School Points/blog SD Delta
1 Alabama Crimson Tide (89) 24.99 0.10 --
2 LSU Tigers 23.31 1.99 --
3 Oregon Ducks 21.27 4.84 Arrow_up 1
4 Georgia Bulldogs 19.89 2.28 Arrow_up 1
5 Florida St. Seminoles 19.76 4.46 Arrow_up 1
6 Oklahoma Sooners 17.29 5.54 Arrow_up 1
7 West Virginia Mountaineers 17.08 5.16 Arrow_up 2
8 Stanford Cardinal (1) 17.04 3.67 Arrow_up 14
9 South Carolina Gamecocks 16.52 3.78 Arrow_up 2
10 Clemson Tigers 16.04 3.12 --
11 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 14.19 4.02 Arrow_up 7
12 Texas Longhorns 13.63 3.63 Arrow_up 3
13 Florida Gators 12.59 4.60 Arrow_up 4
14 Kansas St. Wildcats 12.39 3.53 Arrow_down -2
15 Ohio St. Buckeyes 11.81 4.82 Arrow_down -2
16 USC Trojans 10.50 4.94 Arrow_down -13
17 TCU Horned Frogs 8.52 4.33 Arrow_down -1
18 UCLA Bruins 8.08 3.65 Arrow_up 2
19 Louisville Cardinals 7.61 3.46 --
20 Arizona Wildcats 6.54 4.55 Arrow_up 3
21 Michigan Wolverines 5.54 4.37 --
22 Michigan St. Spartans 4.59 3.28 Arrow_down -14
23 Northwestern Wildcats 2.59 4.73 Arrow_up 11
24 Mississippi St. Bulldogs 2.56 3.61 Arrow_up 6
25 Ohio Bobcats 1.97 3.70 --
Others Receiving Votes: Nebraska Cornhuskers | Iowa St. Cyclones | Baylor Bears | Oregon St. Beavers | Boise St. Broncos | Oklahoma St. Cowboys | Texas Tech Red Raiders | Rutgers Scarlet Knights | Virginia Tech Hokies | Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets | Tennessee Volunteers | Central Florida Knights | Arizona St. Sun Devils | Missouri Tigers | Toledo Rockets | Louisiana Tech Bulldogs | Cincinnati Bearcats | Wisconsin Badgers | N.C. State Wolfpack | Texas A&M Aggies | Vanderbilt Commodores | Purdue Boilermakers | Utah Utes | Arkansas Razorbacks | Utah State Aggies | Middle Tenn. St. Blue Raiders | ULM Warhawks | Miami Hurricanes | Western Kentucky Hilltoppers
Updated: Sep 18, 2012 8:00 AM CDT

SB Nation BlogPoll College Football Rankings 2011

The big falls of the weekend were a pair of legions of ancient warriors, the Spartans and Trojans of Michigan State and USC respectively. The big risers were Stanford, for obvious reasons, Northwestern and Mississippi State. The latter two are basically placefillers as far as I see it.

Well, at least that's how we treated Northwestern when we put them in our poll. Basically it was an "oh, they're 3-0, let's go ahead and rank them" type of deal.

Now, for the links:
  • The full analysis of the poll is here, where you'll learn that USC fans are still confident about their team, TCU fans are self deprecating, and that nobody really knows where in the hell Oklahoma belongs in the polls.
  • The SEC Power Poll is here and, again, WE'RE NOT LAST!
  • Spencer Hall's Alphabetical calls Mack Brown "tastefully nude," a phrase which altogether suggests a horrifying mental image.
  • Bill C's Numerical looks at Mississippi State's escape against Troy and just how badly Colorado was blown out by Fresno State.
  • Speaking of Colorado and how awful they are, well, thank gosh we're not Colorado. This Week in Schadenfreude highlights the Buffs who have fallen so far that a fan who suggests a final record of 1-11 is literally accused of "sunshine pumping." Oh, and Arkansas fans are still lunatics.