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Pick Em: Week Three Results and Week Four Matchups

I left an easy pick in there for y'all.
I left an easy pick in there for y'all.

Last week's picks were apparently really, really tough, as most of the Cup's 170-something pick 'em participants went either 4-6 or 5-5 on the weekend.


One lone picker though was a regular ol' Nostradamus, except for the whole "being full of crap" part, as Huskerhorsepower went 9-1 with 49 points. He/she was well ahead of the pack, as the next best picks were those of Exiledreb and hottytoddy07, both of whom went 7-3.

The top "ten" standings after week three are as follows:

Rank Selection W-L Pts
1 memboy7's picks 23-7 128
2 AbeFroman's picks 21-9 125
3 BigEast55's picks 20-10 124
4 DemonReb's picks 20-10 123
5 beer's picks 22-8 122
5 Are you ready?'s picks 22-8 122
7 moralvictoriescount's picks 21-9 121
7 Bob Loblaw 20-10 121
7 phudson2210's picks 20-10 121
10 I See What You Did There's picks 20-10 118
10 MCchoctaw76 21-9 118
10 GiveMeZamor's picks 20-10 118

Memboy7 has the lead, but he is not too far ahead of anyone in the top-10. One bad pick, one stunning upset, one "oh what was I thinking" moment could drop any of these folks out of the top-10, so really it's anybody's contest to win this early in the season.

The games which you all will be picking this week are after the jump.

  • BYU at Boise State (THURSDAY NIGHT)
  • Arizona at Oregon
  • Climpson at Florida State
  • Kansas State at Oklahoma
  • Michigan at Notre Dame
  • Ole Miss at Tulane
  • Mizzou at Sakerlina
  • Oregon State at UCLA
  • Utah at Arizona State
  • Wyoming at Idaho
That last one isn't a joke. It's there to make this game somewhat more difficult. Each team is 0-3, and the line on this one is Wyoming by a point and a half. Good luck with that.