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Pollin': Week Three SBN BlogPoll and SEC Power Poll Ballots

You're right, Stanford. You've actually got a good football team.
You're right, Stanford. You've actually got a good football team.

As always, tell us where we've gone wrong with these ballots. Is someone too high? Is someone too low? Have we overlooked someone? Think of this as our ballot and not my ballot, if you will.

USC, Michigan State, and Virginia Tech take some falls. Northwestern enters the poll because they're 3-0 and because, really, why the hell not? Stanford and Notre Dame, understandably, take the biggest jumps, breaking into the top-10.

The SEC Power Poll is after the jump.

  1. Alabama - The process at work.
  2. LSU - We've had almost two years of these guys at the top of the conference.
  3. Georgia - I still think they'd beat Florida if they played tomorrow, but it'd be close.
  4. Florida - The Gators jump the Cocks for their win over Tennessee. You've got to give them credit for beating a ranked SEC rival.
  5. South Carolina - Really, I almost want to have Georgia, Florida, and Sakerlina tied for third. It's tough to figure out who the best in the East is.
  6. Tennessee - Tennessee's not bad. Florida's just really stout and a little schitzophrenic.
  7. Mizzou - Gets the nod over TAMU due to the win over Arizona State, itself a victory more impressive than the Aggies' slaughter of SMU.
  8. Texas A&M - I think TAMU and Mizzou are on the same plane as maybe Tennessee and Mississippi State in POWER right now (for whatever that's worth). TAMU though seems to have more capability to rise in the rankings than the others.
  9. Mississippi State - People are giving the DaWgZ way too much credit for beating Auburn.
  10. Auburn - At the very least they're marginally better than Arkansas. At best, they're the fourth best team in the West.
  11. Ole Miss - Still not last!
  12. Vanderbilt - Eat it, Presbyterian!
  13. Kentucky - DEY S'POSED TO BE SEC
  14. Arkansas - John L. Smith should just go ahead and lay low for a while.