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Rebel Roundup - September 17, 2012

Oh my gosh this is so booorrrrring. -Bevo, on football
Oh my gosh this is so booorrrrring. -Bevo, on football

Texas outscores Ole Miss 66-31 in offensive explosion |
As you undoubtedly already know, Texas defeated our Ole Miss Rebe---

---wait? Did you hear that?

Oh, damn, Texas just scored again.

ESPN Is, Once Again, Terrible

Look, I realize that the people who put these videos together for the worldwide leader do this for a living full-time, covering all manners of sports, teams, and players. They're liable to screw something up and it isn't reasonable for them to expect to know any- and everything about the Ole Miss Rebels or, really, any sports team. But to call Archie Manning "Archie Griffin" is just unforgivably shoddy sports journalism.

No disrespect to Archie Griffin though, who is an all-American hero.

FSU commit Morgan enjoys Ole Miss ($) | On The Trail Blog - ESPN
Christian Morgan, a big time tight end prospect out of Texas who is currently committed to Florida State, was just one of the many recruits on campus this weekend. While the Rebel football squad was not victorious, the atmosphere in and around Oxford was nothing short of mystifying. Surely any 17-year-old visiting Ole Miss this weekend left pleased.

Jaylon Walton GIF? Jaylon Walton GIF.

When he put those brakes on to elude five pursuing longhorns, I knew that we've got a star in the making in Jaylon Walton.

Ole Miss notebook: Moncrief, Wallace hook up again | EotC
One thing we have learned over the past few weeks is that the Bo Wallace to Donte Moncrief connection is a big play waiting to happen.

Scholtz Hangs Tough In Davis Cup Debut |
Ole Miss sophomore tennis player Nik Scholtz, who looks like Garth in his photo used by the university in this release, is representing his home country of South Africa in the Davis Cup being held in Montreal. That's pretty neat, huh?