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Ole Miss Rebel Quarterback Commitment Devante Kincade Appears on ESPN's Elite 11 Finals

Devante Kincade, an Ole Miss commitment and a three-to-four star quarterback commitment (four stars by ESPN and Scout, three stars by Rivals and 247) out of powerhouse Skyline High School in Dallas, was invited to the Elite 11 finals in Redondo Beach, California along with 24 other high school quarterbacks for a chance to earn his spot as one of the final 11 quarterbacks selected to be labeled "elite".

He earned this opportunity by winning the Dallas regional of the Elite 11 competition which, per the Elite 11 coaches, featured quarterbacks from all 50 states, as well as Canada.

Having been selected as a member of the group of 25 to attend the final camp and competition, Kincade appeared - and will continue to appear - on ESPN's coverage of the Elite 11 finals, which began this past Tuesday night. It was on this program that America got a glimpse at the future of the Ole Miss quarterback position, and likely came away very impressed with the young athlete.

For starters, Kincade was decked head-to-toe in Ole Miss gear, and was mentioned as an Ole Miss commit nearly every time he came on screen. Here, check out the screengrabs.


He even wore eyeblack which read "Ole Miss" and "Rebels" during many of the competitions. It was, honestly, pretty damned exciting to see a talented young football player with such enthusiasm for and loyalty to the school to which he's given his verbal commitment. I do realize that these things are all subject to change, and that National Signing Day is six months away, but it does not seem like Devante's changing his mind on Ole Miss any time soon.

But he didn't just impress me by proudly representing Ole Miss. He also looked impressive in many of the drills and competitions of the Elite 11 camp, and drew significant praise from the coaches. After the first few days of camp, the coaches named their top 11 players up to that point (that point is, conveniently, where the first episode of ESPN's coverage of the Elite 11 finals ends) and had Kincade at number five. In the clips I saw, he threw a nice spiral, used his feet very well, and demonstrated good accuracy.

Kincade also had a really good demeanor and attitude during much of the show. Frankly, few of the quarterbacks featured on the program were all that personable. In front of the ESPN cameras, they either seemed nervous, uninteresting, or even a bit dumb. Harsh words for a bunch of 17-and-18-year-olds having an ESPN camera thrust in their faces, sure, but I say that to demonstrate how well I thought Kincade appeared in the spotlight. Not only was he personable and lively, but he also displayed tremendous confidence.

Sorta spoiler alert here, but Kincade unfortunately didn't make the final Elite 11 cut (we know this, because ESPN already announced the members of the Elite 11). But he did thoroughly impress me and likely any and all Rebel fans tuning in to watch him. I don't think it's fair to make lofty proclamations about his upcoming college career or anoint him some sort of future Ole Miss star - especially when considering that he hasn't even started his senior season of high school football - but it is fair to say that I am really, really happy to have Devante Kincade committed to play football at Ole Miss.