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Rebel Roundup - August 30, 2012


Today really should be a holiday, because it's not like you, I, or anyone else is about to get a lick's worth of work done today.

A Rebel Sports Radio Reminder
Do you have the Rebel Sports radio app for your Apple or Android device? If not, do you at least have the webpage bookmarked? You're going to want to do either, if not both, for this season, because there is going to be a lot of great content on the network, including Red Cup Radio from yours truly, this season. Last night we recorded the special UCA Bears edition of Red Cup Radio, and had Landon from FanCred on to talk about some exciting, new, sports-related social media to be rolled out soon. We also gave our pick 'em picks and made fun of Wynrick Smothers, quarterback for Central Arkansas, because of his name (it's weird).

Pick 'Em!
Here's your final reminder: Red Cup Rebellion's pick 'em for 2012 starts tonight with the Sakerlina/Vandy game. Sign up if you haven't and get your picks for the first week of college football in.

The Season - Week One |
"The Season" the award winning (right?) online series covering the progress of the Ole Miss Rebels football season has released the week one episode. As we have come to expect ouf of this program, it is very well done. It will get you pumped about Saturday, that's for damn sure. [HT: Itownreb]

Ole Miss to name starting quarterback today | The Clarion-Ledger
If I were one to bet, I'd say that a mulleted Bo Wallace is getting the starting quarterback job over Barry Brunetti. Either way, both quarterbacks have, via this controversy, demonstrated that neither of them are anything more than capable footballers just yet.

Newcomers give Rebels depth, explosiveness | RebelGrove
WARNING: NOT FOOTBALL. I do realize that we have been saying and hearing this nearly every Ole Miss basketball offseason, but this could be the team that finally ends the Rebels' decade-long streak of failing to make the NCAA tournament, the longest such streak in the SEC. The biggest reason for our optimism? What this team returns. Ole Miss went 20-14 last year, and returns six of the seven top players from that team. Added to that is a good enough 'crootin class to make this team tough. [HT: bball1986]

Ole Miss RB Jeff Scott likely out Saturday | SEC Blog - ESPN
Halfback Jeff Scott's back is still bothering enough to likely keep him out of the season opener against Central Arkansas. This means that Randall Mackey, Devin Thomas, and the freshmen duo of iTavius Mathers and Jaylon Walton will be asked to divide up Scott's carries.

ESPN is run by myopic luddites who hate you | Deadspin
So the Worldwide Leader in sports has decided to, during the week that college football season kicks off, announce that their ESPN3 online video service will no longer air programming that can be found on ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPNU. This means that, unless you are subscribed to the WatchESPN service, you cannot legally view most of the football games you care about on ESPN3 without a cable subscription. This means that you're either going to have to invite yourself to a friends house, spend money you don't have on food and drinks at a sports bar, or actually go to the games themselves. And, again, this policy change was literally decided just a few days before the beginning of college football season.

So just as we're beginning to finalize our viewing plans for the first weekend of our very favorite sport, ESPN yanks the plug on one of the main services we were hoping to rely on to get our football fix, a service which was easy, legal, and available for several years up until this point. Well you know what I say to that?

(And I'm sure these assholes in Bristol are just confounded as to why so many people would have the audacity to pirate feeds to sports broadcasts via a hodgepodge of hardly legal online television channels. Idiots.)