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Red Cup Rebellion Pick 'Em 2012 is Now Live!

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It's back and better than ever the same as it ever was, so get signed up and get your picks in. That's right, Red Cup Rebellion's 2012 college football pick 'em is here. Just click this link to join the pool and make your picks. Who knows, there might be, like, prizes and stuff! Horray!

The games which you will be picking in week one are...

  • Alabama v. Michigan
  • Auburn @ Clemson
  • Boise State @ Michigan State
  • Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech
  • Iowa v. Northern Illinois
  • Miami @ Boston College
  • Navy v. Notre Dame
  • North Carolina State v. Tennessee
  • South Carolina @ Vanderbilt
  • Southern Miss @ Nebraska
Get your picks in soon! The first game of the season is on Thursday, so be sure to get everything lined up before then.