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Rebel Roundup - August 17, 2012

Video from Wednesday's practice via 247's YouTube channel.

Ole Miss loses heralded WR Singleton, Lineman Hall |
As a Madison Central grad, I hate to see a fellow Jaguar not reaching his or her full potential, so Tobias' Singleton's decision to leave the Ole Miss football program bummed me out a bit. But, as an Ole Miss Rebel, I can't so much mourn the loss of a guy who simply couldn't find a meaningful place in the rotation at wideout or running back. Best of luck to Tobias, wherever he ends up.

Also lost this week, to much less controversy and discussion, was lineman Mitch Mall. He's transferring to Mizzou after falling as far as third on the depth chart at left tackle.

Ole Miss wideout Moore gets 2nd chance | The Clarion-Ledger
With Tobias Singleton gone, it seems that Philander Moore and his awesome name will be given more opportunities to shine. Moore will still most likely find a role on special teams before he does on the Rebel offense, as far as I can tell, but he's now admittedly "buying in" to the coaches and program, so there's hope yet for the senior.

New coach Hugh Freeze tries to revive Mississippi | NCAA -
Oh look at Mr. Big Shot himself, the original EotC David Brandt, getting one of his AP stories covered on Sports Illustrated's website. Get your money, David.

Ole Miss opens new Residence Complex |
Wait a second, they tore down Miller Hall and opened a bunch of new dorms on that little patch of land? When did this happen? I'm not even that old, but the Ole Miss campus, the periphery of it at least, is completely unrecognizable from its counterpart 10 years ago.

SEC Road Trip | The Columbia Missourian
The Mizzou student paper sent its writers across the Southeast to visit the towns and campuses of their new conference foes, and compiled their observations and opinions in this very well put together "road trip" feature. The obligatory "HEY OLE MISS HAD RIOTS" mention is there, but the piece was overall complementary of Oxford and Ole Miss. The Mississippi State section makes multiple mentions of Starkville as "boring", something which I also enjoyed thoroughly.

Traditions define SEC football, especially at Ole Miss |
More of the same, but more mainstream. I do think this piece does give Ole Miss a fairer shake and gives us the benefit of the doubt regarding modern race relations on campus. In this feature, they speak with former Ole Miss Rebel and Kansas City Chief offensive tackle Tre Stallings, who now works for the SEC's head offices in Birmingham, and he offers some anecdotes about the perception of Ole Miss' issues versus the reality of those issues:

My mom and dad didn’t want me to go to Ole Miss...But when they got there and they saw the people, and they saw what actually occurred on campus, they were both like ‘We were totally wrong. If you want to come to school here, you can come to school here. This is a great place to be.’