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Did We Rebels Offer Mr. Nkemdiche a Job? Do You Even Care?

The University Medical Center campus on Woodrow Wilson Boulevard in Jackson, Mississippi.
The University Medical Center campus on Woodrow Wilson Boulevard in Jackson, Mississippi.

Before we proceed, please keep this very important detail in mind: this is entirely a rumor. It has not come from any "official" source on this, nor have we any sort of inside information or sources privy to this type of information. Don't take this and spread it all over the internets with "RED CUP DONE SAID IT", because we're parroting someone else and "reporting" nothing at all.

So, that been said, the entirely unconfirmed rumor is that the father of Robert and Denzel Nkemdiche, the former being the number one recruit in the country and the latter being a linebacker on the Ole Miss Rebel defense, has been offered a job at the University Medical Center in Jackson. We hear that his father is a doctor or a researcher or something medicine-y and requiring a sufficient education, so it's not like, if this rumor were true, he would be receiving an offer to mop floors or doing something that he isn't at all qualified for.

So if this rumor is indeed true, and Mr. Nkemdiche was offered a job for which he is entirely qualified, could this be considered a bad thing? Could it even be considered unethical, assuming the vacancy filled is a legitimate vacancy? I mean, in a vacuum, you have a hospital and a medical school hiring someone to work for the hospital and medical school in a capacity for which said person is indeed qualified. Of course, nothing exists in a vacuum, and the "Ole Miss is buying off the number one recruit in the country's family" faux moral outrage mill is spinning wildly.

Assuming this rumor is true, is this something you have a problem with? Is this taking recruiting too far? Is this something that could raise an NCAA eyebrow or two?