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A Heisman Winner at Ole Miss?

In the latest iteration of EA Sports' NCAA Football, the game allows you to insert a past Heisman winner on any team you'd like. It's an interesting feature that I would guess will be a popular novelty. I will inevitably purchase the game, get frustrated while I adjust to new tweaks in gameplay, then dominate. At that point I will likely get bored and start a dynasty with Western Kentucky and give them Robert Griffin III. Yeah. Exciting.

So the real questions here is this. Which former Heisman winner would you have been most interested to see wearing an Ole Miss uniform and taking the field at Vaught Hemingway? My answer is after the jump.

I hate to make broad, sweeping statements like this, but.... I don't see how you could select anyone other than Cam Newton. Maybe it's just because of recency, but I can't remember seeing a player more capable of producing offense by himself. At Ole Miss, he would be unlikely to have elite players around him and would need to be able to put points up regardless of how effective the offensive line, receivers, etc. were. While there are several quarterbacks who won Heismans and can generate their own offense (Robert Griffin III, Tim Tebow, etc), I don't think any have proven to be better than Cam yet.

Newton just completed the best season from an NFL rookie quarterback in the history of the league.... indisputably. He made a marginal Auburn offense unstoppable and could likely have done the same at most schools in the country. While there are several players coming out that fit his mold (big, strong, athletic pocket passers), there are none that did it as well as Newton. Watching his one year of division 1 football was breathtaking.

This post was sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 13. Check out the video for the game below.

EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13: "Tiger" (via EASPORTS)